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We aim to be one of Poland’s most attractive IT employers, with the strongest specialist teams and the most challenging projects. According to our consultants’ motivation and aspiration we match people to the project and not the project to people. Working with us means you’ll always be surrounded by great people who can teach you new things and are open to your suggestions.

KMD Poland is the place for you if you are looking for a career in the complex intersection between IT development and business transformation. Below you'll find more details about some sample interesting projects.

KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone offers the functionality to cover organizations' need for knowledge sharing, knowledge management systems, case management, calendar management, meeting and archiving of e-mails as well as general secretarial tasks. 

It lets you collect and store all communication with citizens, customers and businesses, including letters, forms, telephone notes, emails, meeting minutes, pictures, sound and video files in one system.

KMD WorkZone supports a wide range of technical standards, including MoReq, Odata standards, ODF and OOXML document defaults.


KMD XForm is a market leading digital self-service solution that handles annually +1M submissions through more than 1 000 platforms, including mission critical and personal data sensitive solutions.

KMD XForm is a low risk, cost-effective and flexible solution to realize the benefits of digital self-service. It combines business insight with technical skills allowing new ways to provide services and digital self-service.

KMD Easy Energy

As frameworks change frequently and state control becomes steadily more detailed, the energy and utilities sector calls for rationalization. Our contribution is digitization based on sector insight and focus on efficiency in all parts of the business.

In this highly complex landscape, our focus is to create a sense of calm in respect of operations and room for new initiatives. This is why we invest heavily in development and modernization of our primary solution, KMD Easy Energy

The key words are: process orientation, user-friendliness and functionalities to match the new market needs.


Edlund A/S, a company acquired by KMD A/S in 2016, decided to open a software development center in Poland. Edlund A/S is a leading provider of solutions for the management of life insurance and pension portfolios, having more than 60% of the market share in Denmark.

As a fast growing company, Edlund also needs more competent people working on their Industry Solution. That is why they decided to expand their R&D department and build three new teams in Poland this year with plans to grow further in the years to come.


Momentum is KMD’s platform for employment services. It contains tools and data such as:

• each citizen's option, goals and requirements for internships and wage subsidized positions;

• supportive efforts from local authorities and employment services and the effect of these

• efficiency in case management and optimal resource spending