Our community

After work

Events & team building activities

We’re known as a great place of work with activities that bring us together such as after work gatherings on Fridays, Christmas parties in December and other social activities such as running or sport clubs. We have a calendar full of internal and external events for our colleagues, their spouses and family members as well.

Knowledge sharing culture

MeetUps & Trainings

KMD Poland creates good and stimulating place to work. We have a range of training and development opportunities designed to help you be a brilliant and inspired programmer.

We have established a cooperation with important group of experts and influencers from the industry so you’ll have a chance of taking part in events, seminars, meetups and talks from experts inside and outside KMD.

KMD Academy

Together with Fundacja Akademia Integracji we have launched 2nd edition of KMD Academy. Thanks to KMD IT Experts young students will be able to experience key aspects of our exciting profession and develop a valuable mix of IT skills and real-world experience.

During cyclic workshops our rookies will be able to gain skills in Xamarin, .NET and C#. Learn more at www.kmdpoland.pl/akademia

Developing and supporting societies

Social responsibility

We drive and take part in various projects to help others develop and make their life better. For instance, with the partnership of the Danish Red Cross we have prepared a hackathon named Code for Good where KMD developers solve real life challenges from Red Cross’ work in Denmark and in areas hit by disasters and wars.

We strongly support every bottom-up initiative because webelieve supporting your ideas works much better rather than asking you for thesupport. We also took part in Warsaw Business Run and run in the relay race tohelp the beneficiaries of "Beyond Horizons" Foundation

Volunteer programme

Together with Fundacja Rodzinna Warszawa a team of KMD volunteers participated in the private lessons program, where they helped children in their home works in Maths, English, Polish, Chemistry and Physics.


Events & conferences

Supporting IT communities

We proudly sponsor, support and become main Partner of one of the biggest festivals for IT developers inPoland - .NET Developer Days, 4Developers, Code Europe.

It's important for us that the community has aspace to promote sharing experiences and causes creative interaction of enthusiasts and experts from the technological industry.