• Post Date: 19/06/2018
  • Apply Before: 19/09/2018
  • If you truly believe and understand Agile approach…
  • If you are open-minded and ready for challenges…
  • If taking part in building brand new data ecosystem for all Danish citizens sounds exciting to you…

Be sure we are looking for people like you!


  • Being a true Scrum Master
  • Ensuring that Scrum way of work and Agile mindset are understood in the organization
  • Showing the value behind Agile (Scrum in particular)
  • Ensuring that Scrum Team takes ownership of their process, work and environment, improve it daily aiming at self-organization
  • Working with Scrum Team to focus on delivering business value to the stakeholders
  • Acting as a role model in the areas of communication, feedback & transparency
  • Creating an environment where people and teams flourish
  • Fostering relations and trust between teams and stakeholders based in different locations
  • Actively participating in local Agile guild


  • B2B cooperation with a stable and long-term-vision company
  • Competitive salary aligned with the best market standards
  • International projects
  • Opportunity to work on large-scale systems with state-of-the-art technologies
  • High-performance development equipment
  • Wide selection of perks of your choice
  • Flexible working hours with a Danish work atmosphere
  • Modern work premises by the latest Scandinavian standards
  • Opportunity for occasional travels to Denmark


  • Broad knowledge and understanding of Agile including a wide spectrum of tools and techniques
  • Strong experience and feeling of Scrum
  • Courage & grit to express opinions
  • Focused on achieving results
  • Not easily discouraged by challenges
  • Open-minded, true listener with a natural curiosity
  • Ability to adapt to individuals, team and organization’s needs
  • Ability to empower others to speak their voice
  • Being able to give high-quality feedback
  • Ability to learn new things and conduct experiments
  • Strong English both in speaking and writing


  • Active in local Agile communities
  • Knowledge sharing e.g. articles, blog posts etc.
  • Implementing knowledge and skills from different areas of interest (Teaching, psychology etc.) into daily work

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