Who we are?

We are Danish IT Champion

KMD is one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies who has played a key role in digitizing the Danish welfare state for almost half of the century. 

Each day Danish citizens use our systems – when receiving their salary, communicating with public administration, calculating their heating bill, and using others of the hundreds of systems developed by KMD.

The majority of our business revolves around software development, creating and delivering IT solutions. 

In our Warsaw's office we have more than 250 IT experts (mostly .NET & Java Developers) translating complex processes and legislation into simple and effective IT solutions that make life easier for Danish citizens, for employees and for customers in the public and private sectors.

Who and how do we help?

Child care & education

KMD has developed a series of digital tools for the Danish teaching environment. 

KMD's solutions in child care and education facilitate communication between all stakeholders and lessen the administrative burden by promoting transparency and simplifying processes and workflows. 

Teachers can easily set long term teaching goals and plan differentiated teaching plans for each student.

Danish local and central government

On the local authority market KMD primarily delivers law based (and administrative) software and digital solutions in welfare. We support local authorities' in focusing on efficient financial and administrative control using e.g. KMD Opus.

In the central government segment KMD has spearheaded several complex IT projects and most recently we have entered into cooperation's with the Ministry for Education and the Ministry for Health and Prevention. On the election day we provide the digital infrastructure regarding digital election lists and tallying of votes.

Welfare area

In the welfare area we offer the KMD Nexus platform which is the pivotal point for cross-disciplinary cooperation in health, elder care and social services. A single entry point for public services for each citizen ensures that resources are spent where they do the most good.

The leading principle in KMD Nexus is one citizen, one plan. By joining data from all areas of civil service KMD Nexus paints a complete image of a citizen’s current situation. This allows caseworkers to form decisions based on a more accurate background and history than previously.