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What’s it like to work at KMD Poland?

  • What I value most in KMD are skilled and friendly people, as well as interesting and challenging projects. We have a very nice, modern office and the company puts a lot of effort into making it an agreeable place to work. In addition, apart from your daily tasks, you may involve yourself in a number of initiatives happening in the company, such as charity, sport and social activities.

    Sebastian Solnica

    DevOps Team
  • Sharp and challenging workforce; lots going on. Agile grows, healthy communication rules. If you care, work-life balance is here. Office, benefits, job security, culture - you'll get it and start missing you haven't got it before

    Piotr Adach

    IT Consultant (Architecture Solutions)
  • What distinguishes KMD from the crowd of other jobs offers, apart from interesting projects, is friendly environment in modern well-located office, which makes good place to work. After hours (and sometimes during :) ) everybody can chill out in various social activities which helps maintain work-life balance.

    Mateusz Piasecki

    IT Consultant (.NET Team)
  • KMD is focused on employees' professional development. Internal and external trainings are only part of that. KMD is a "software house" type of companies, so many kinds of different technologies and tools is available to learn in real life. Moreover, employees can improve their competences basing on their professional plan. Starting as a Manual Tester you can become in some time an Automated Tester or Test Manager, like me.

    Oleg Pawiński

    IT Consultant (Testing Team)
  • I have been working at KMD only for 1 year, but I can definitely say that I will stay here for longer. This place offers you interesting projects, numerous trainings, and what’s the most important – a great working environment.  My colleagues are kind and helpful. Our office is very modern and well-equipped, with fruits and vegetables available in the kitchen every day. We can also relax during the day in the game rooms. Additionally, KMD organizes after-hours meetings, we have a running group, charity events, and, since recently, board games evenings. I think that KMD is a great place to grow professionally and also an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. 

    Małgosia Bugajska

    Testing Team
  • For me, as a female developer, the real value is that KMD ensures equal treatment. Everyone who displays initiative is appreciated in oursociety. There are many possibilities of developing skills, learning new tools and finding his/her own way here. If you don’t like your project for some reasons, you can always change it for the more satisfying one. Our company spoils us in many different ways, my favourite: unexpected chocolate fondues and hand-made ice creams.

    Danuta Barbachowska

    Development Team

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